Troy Vest - Team Owner/Driver

Troy Vest - Team Owner-Driver

Hometown: Molalla, Oregon
Occupation: Owner, Troy's Diesel & Truck Repair Service, Inc.
Hobbies: Off road desert racing, ATV riding, Big game hunting

Tim Price - Co-driver

Tim Price - Co-Driver

Hometown: Molalla, Oregon
Occupation: Co-Owner Price Auto Body
Hobbies: Off road desert racing, 4 Wheeling

Tim Price - Co-driver

Geno Licitra - Navigator

Hometown: Redmond, Oregon
Occupation: Welder at Twisted Tubing
Hobbies: Off road desert racing, Motorcycle riding

Dave Whinnery - Navigator

Dave Whinnery - Navigator & Truck Preparation

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon
Occupation: Fabricator and college welding instructor.
Hobbies include off road desert racing and motorcycle riding

Robert Fitch - Crew Chief

Robert Fitch - Crew Chief, Navigator & Truck Preparation

Hometown: Silverton, Oregon
Occupation: Diesel Mechanic at Troy's Diesel & Truck Repair
Hobbies: Off road desert racing, Motorcycle riding, Hunting, Fishing

Ben Vest

Ben Vest - Driver, Navigator & Truck Preparation

Hometown: Molalla, OR
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Baseball, ATV Riding, Off road desert racing

Liane Vest - Team Coordinator

Liane Vest - Team Coordinator

Hometown: Molalla, OR
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Hobbies: Supporting Troy, Eryn and Ben in their hobbies of Off road desert racing, Barrel racing and Baseball

Racing would not be possible without our superior & hard working race crew:

Eric Maurer (Maurer Farms), Tom Bonnie (Countywide Electric), Dave Whinnery, Bill Wolford, Eryn Vest, Marvin Newton, Paul and Carol Gertz.

A special thank you to our 'home team': Angie Zeise & Pilar Maurer

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